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Meet the Director of Cadillac Crew, Ny'Ea Reynolds

Ny’Ea Reynolds is a Director based out of

the Metro Detroit area. Through theatrical and cinematic storytelling, she approaches the world of entertainment with an eclectic and innovative lens.

Ny’Ea’s love for Directing started right in her own backyard as a child. Even before she could fully understand her gift, she always knew she was destined to tell stories. That childhood passion blossomed into acting and she spent her high school years training professionally at Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit. She then went on to earn a degree in Broadcast Cinematic Arts in 2019 at Central Michigan University. During her college years Ny’Ea deeply explored other art forms like writing, post-production editing and voice acting, which unveiled a whole new lane of opportunities. Post-graduation, she spent time learning how to act for the camera and jumped into the film/commercial industry. But still, her heart longed for even more, and so she took it a step further and began developing her directing skills for the camera as well.

Glowing with purpose and passion, Ny’Ea’s gifts have taken her all across the U.S. But she believes, without a doubt, that she's been called to remain rooted in her community. She is part of the next generation of multi-faceted Directors who are rising out of Detroit and making space for new voices to be heard. She continues to enter uncharted territory while allowing her child-like imagination to run free and come to life both on stage and on camera.

Aside from Directing, Ny’Ea is the oldest of three siblings and her favorite hobbies include dancing, listening to music, spending time with loved ones and traveling.

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