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Fun, Active Acting Classes for Adults at all levels
Please call 248-217-6960 to book. Private lessons and coaching for the aspiring actor. Brush up your monologue, work on an acting scene, get extra help with Shakespearean...
Online Private Coaching
30 min

Do you live in the Detroit Metro Area and want to improve your acting skills? Whether you are new to acting or a seasoned professional, Michigan Michael Chekhov Classes can take your work to the next level. Our 8-Week Introductory Course will teach you the basics of the Michael Chekhov Technique, an acting method that will quickly improve and expand your acting and artistry. This is perfect acting class for the Metro Detroit Theatre or On-Camera Actor who is looking to up their game. 

What's more  is that you will be taught by well-known Detroit Actor, Jeff Thomakos. Jeff holds a certification in Teaching from The  National Michael Chekhov Association and is also credentialed with The Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium and MICHA, The International Michael Chekhov Association. 
To learn more about Jeff Thomakos go to www.jeffthomakos.com.

Obstacles, The Past, & Particularization Words : Scoring your Script, Part 5: 10 Minute Acting Class
The Inspired Actor

Obstacles, The Past, & Particularization Words : Scoring your Script, Part 5: 10 Minute Acting Class


"Working with Jeff Thomakos in the Michael Chekhov Technique is always joyful. Jeff's knowledge of the work is deep and he teaches the Technique in a meaningful and loving way. Like Chekhov suggests, Jeff is always "with" his students. His love of actors and the acting craft is infectious. I thoroughly enjoy working with Jeff and watching him work."

Mark Monday
President and Producing Artistic Director

Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium

“Jeff is a true professional performer and director. He is always striving to develop his skills as a performer and director, and has a gift for sharing those skills with others”.

Sara Wolf Molnar / Shakespeare Royal Oak / Artistic Director

"I have mentored teachers from around the world over twenty five years and when I say you are in great hands with Jeff Thomakos, a caring, creative, and powerful Michael Chekhov teacher, I am serious. This technique will free you in ways you never thought possible and with Jeff’s expansive knowledge of how to practically use the work, you will fall in love with the art, your self as an artist and every aspect of living that fully. Experience Jeff and play heartily, and you will know this yourself."

Lisa Dalton 

National Michael Chekhov Association/Certifying Master Teacher, 

International Michael Chekhov Association/Co-founder, 

Author/The Michael Chekhov Playbook

" Jeff creates an extremely open and safe classroom environment, allowing for students to take risks and even embarrass themselves a little. Jeff not only changed how I approach acting, but altered how I see life as a whole. I truly have a deeper understanding of the human experience and all it has to offer"

Annie Noel, Student