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We tell relevant, timely, and inclusive stories through productions of world-class plays both new and classical featuring top-tier Michigan Actors, Directors, Stage Managers, Technicians, and Designers. We provide classes for aspiring and seasoned actors to improve their craft by training the actor to think of themself as a complete and transformational artist. We will provide arts education programs that inspire empathy and promote life-long learning to our diverse community. And we celebrate the power of theatre to build empathy, promote discourse, and generate positive change.



We strive for a transcendent experience for both audience and artist with each production by aspiring to the highest professional standards in every aspect of the theatrical experience. We demand artistic rigor in every show, class, or program we produce.


We believe that a theatre should directly reflect and reach out to the community in which it resides. Therefore, we strive to engage both audience and artists regardless of their race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, income level, or physical ability. We seek to amplify voices that have been historically under-represented and under-resourced in the arts and strive to incorporate anti-racist and anti-sexist practices across all aspects of our work.

We take compliance with Michigan anti-discrimination and harassment laws seriously. Our policies reflect the requirements of current laws and provide multiple clear paths for reporting any incidents of discrimination and harassment. We encourage everyone who interacts with our organization to speak up if they experience or witness discrimination or harassment, and we will take immediate action to address any such behavior.


We believe that fostering empathy is key to creating unity within communities and that communities as a whole thrive when presented with a diverse set of stories and viewpoints that reflect the breadth of human experience. We believe empathy leads to compassion and that compassion is the most powerful tool in the world to eradicate injustice, intolerance, and indifference.


We believe that in order to achieve the highest artistic standards, each participant must feel safe to take risks personally and artistically. Therefore, all participants in our theatre will be treated respectfully and as artists in their own right. We believe science dictates the essential public health measures, both psychological and physical, that we take to protect our artists, staff and audiences.


We believe that there is no art without joy. Therefore, we will strive to work joyfully together in every aspect of our work to attain the highest standard of artistic excellence.


We believe in an ideal Theatre of the Future. This means a theatre that can entertain the public with a diverse array of theatrical styles while aspiring to a sense of moral responsibility on the part of all participants in the theatre. We must be willing to ask, “Will what we are producing have a positive effect on our audience as human beings?” We strive for everything we produce, every class that we teach, and every outreach program we create to be nourishment for the human spirit.

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We wish to evolve into a beacon of artistic excellence in performance, education, and culture for Metro-Detroit. We want to educate, empower, and highlight Michigan actors, directors, designers, and artists to help foster our area as a jewel for the arts both Nationally and Internationally.

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