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The Inspired Acting Company offers acting classes for children and adults.

Walled Lake, MI (February 22, 2023): The Inspired Acting Company, Oakland County’s newest professional theatre company, announces in-person acting classes beginning in April 2023.

Jeff Thomakos, producing artistic director, will teach courses in acting and improvisation for adults, and acting sessions for children will be taught by children’s acting specialist, Kelly Boczek-Petrie. Course offerings include:

Kid's Classes for ages 6-12

The Inspired Acting Class: In this course for adults, students will learn how to build objectives, find relationships, and listen to their inner artists to create compelling work on stage and in film. Improv for Everyone: Also for adults, a fun and spirited introduction to the foundations of Improvisation. Students will learn how to create improvisational scenes and characters, think on their feet and improve teamwork and communication skills. Appropriate for all skill levels. Inspired Acting Classes for Kids: Each two-hour class will focus on imaginative play, role-playing, and theatre games, culminating in a final workshop performance for parents. Adult classes run for eight weeks and are for students 18 and over with all levels of experience and prior training. Price is $300. Children’s classes run for eight weeks for children, ages 6-12. Price is $200. The acting studio is located at 1124 E West Maple Rd, Walled Lake, MI. To learn more about class content, instructors and schedules, go to ( or call 248-863-9953.

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