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5 Questions with….Joseph Sfair

Joseph Sfair plays Elyot in The Inspired Acting Company’s premiere production of Noel Coward’s Private Lives.

Elyot in Private Lives
Joseph Sfair

1. What first drew you to acting?

The first thing that drew me to acting happened a long while before I set foot on a proper stage... My parents did a pretty good job of letting me pick out children's films at the local Blockbuster. We rented Peter Pan staring Mary Martin so often it eventually made more sense to buy it. I may have watched it so much that I broke one of the tapes. I didn't want to grow up!

2. What is your favorite role you have done?

It's not difficult to pick a favorite role. Sometimes the right thing just comes along at the right time, right when you need it. For me, that was Henry V. Second favorites are a bit trickier... Tom in Glass Menagerie? Tartuffe? Maybe the character Calahan from a sci-fi short I did a few years back? Barry Champlain in Talk Radio? Hard to choose, but Elyot is more than a bit different than most of them.

3. What excites you the most about your role in Private Lives?

I am most excited to play Elyot in Private Lives because it's been so long since I've done a proper farce! He has an animus I find intriguing and a bit strange that I'm looking forward to putting on display for the Walled Lake and the world to ridicule.

4. How has your journey been working with The Inspired Acting Company been so far?

The Inspired Acting Company has been a welcoming environment to make discoveries and try new things. There is a lovely crew on this project that has, at every turn, impressed me with their professionalism and ability to be giving.

5. What are most looking forward to when the show opens?

When the show opens, I'm most looking forward to hearing the response. I think people familliar with the show will be rather surprised at some of the choices we've taken with it, and those unfamiliar with the show or Noël Coward in general might simply be shocked at the turns he takes to tell this story. Either way, it's sure to be a fun time.

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